Extremophilic, horizontal transfer, antibiotic, plasmid, bacteriophage, quorum sensing, biofilm… So many terms at the heart of scientific news that fascinate microbiologists, yet leave the majority of our fellow citizens indifferent!

Based on this observation, our association launched in 2017 the development of a fun card game to democratize microbiology: Microbioworld. By taking advice from game-designers, teachers and researchers, we developed a first version of the game that combines original gameplay and concepts inspired by microbial life.

Last week-end, part of the microbioworld team, helped by students from the LISM (@m_grandjean, @BeauvoisSolene, @Romain_Dbt, and victoria) , had the opportunity to test the game at the Fête de la Science event in Marseille, where the game was a great success with the public, young and old, scientists and non-scientists!

Visit our web site if you want to know more : https://microbioworld.fr/

Published on 18/10/2022

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