The Lipidomics platform

The lipidomics technical platform at the LISM provides expertise and assistance in the field of lipid analysis to all members of the laboratory. It is also open to all types of collaborative or contractualized lipid projects.

The platform allows the LISM to offer a specific workshop twice a year for PhD students on lipid extraction and analysis in various microorganisms.

The platform is equipped with an HPTLC system for lipid analysis, composed of a semi-automatic depositor, an automatic development chamber with humidity controller, a derivatizer, a vaporization chamber and a visualization system managed by the VisionCATS software that allows processing of all generated data. This equipment allows the generation of results with high reproducibility and high sensitivity.

Platform adviser : Vanessa Point from Lipolysis & Bacterial Pathogenicity team

The LISM Lipidomics platform allow experiments including :

  • Lipid extraction
  • Head group analysis
  • Acyl chain length composition analysis
  • Lipid quantification
  • C13 Cardiolipins purification

The LISM Lipidomics plateform was involved in the following papers :

Interested by learning Lipidomics ?

The Plinius Cursus propose Lipidomics formations from lipid extraction to TLC analysis and quantification of lipid classes and fatty acid species by GC-MS.

LISM members are also scientific advisers of IMM facilities:

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