Founded in 1992 by Claude Lazdunski, the LISM is housing height groups of researchers working on the large multi-protein complexes of the bacterial enveloppe – their structure dynamics and engineering for biotechnological ends.

Since 1992 the LISM has been an internationally renowned laboratory doing fundamental research at the frontiers between Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Cell Biology. Located in Marseille it groups 50 scientists passionate about the molecular mechanisms of biology.

The research topics of the LISM today remain centered on biological membranes and in particular membranes of Gram-negative bacteria. Since the cell membrane is the center for all exchanges between the cell and the exterior this part of the cell is of prime importance for many functions: protection from the environment; the collection of nutrients; secretion of many products and detection of the environment.

In addition to these multiple roles, the membrane has a particular metabolic role, especially important in cellular bioenergetics. All of the researchers and research groups of the laboratory work on aspects of these multiple roles. We have particular expertise in various aspects of signaling, transfers across the bacterial envelope (both import and export machinery), and metabolism.

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