Our team aims to understand the assembly and functioning of two macrocomplexes conserved in the envelope of Gram negative bacteria and involved in cell adaptation and survival: the Tol and Ton systems.

Both Tol and Ton systems harness the energy produced from the proton motive force generated at the inner membrane to transduce it at the outer membrane. These complexes are involved in functions that are essential for bacterial survival. The Ton system mediates the active uptake across the outer membrane of metal, cyanocobalamin and carbohydrates. The Tol system has a more complex function, as it is involved in outer membrane integrity, in the correct localization of some polar factors and chemoreceptors, in outer-membrane phospholipid homeostasis, and in the constriction of the outer membrane during cell division.

Both Tol and Ton systems can be parasitized to open a gate for bacteriotoxins (called colicins), which result in bacterial cell death. These systems are also the target of filamentous phages during the infection process, such as the M13 phage targeting E. coli, and the CTX phage which is specific of the human pathogen Vibrio cholerae.

To obtain an integrate view of the inner membrane Tol and Ton complexes, we developpe an interdisciplinary study in collaboration with different laboratories, mixing genetic, biochemical and microscopy techniques.

1 – Structural and functional analysis of the Tol and Ton complexes.

Structural and functional studies on the Tol and Ton complexes isolated from various Gram negative bacteria are investigated in collaboration with international teams. More specifically, we are interested in the interactions occuring between the complex subunits in vivo, the structural study of soluble domain by NMR, the structural and dynamic studies of the complexes by EPR and the high-resolution structure of the membrane complexes.

The first structure/function results of such motor have been obtained with the E. coli Ton membrane complex. We have characterized the channels formed by the ExbB, ExbB/ExbD complexes and obtained the X-ray and cryo-EM high resolution structures of the ExbB/ExbD subcomplex.

2 – Dynamic study of the Tol-Pal proteins

We have started to develop the in vivo imaging techniques of the Tol-Pal proteins in different background strains using fluorescence microscopy. In collaboration, we use high resolution fluorescent microscopy and microfluidic device to follow the dynamic of the Tol-Pal proteins. The analyses are performed in relation with cell division, environmental conditions and using specific mutations.

3 – Involvement of the Tol-Pal machinery in the adaptation and the pathogenic conversion of Vibrio cholerae

The Tol system is the entrance gate for a family of bacterial viruses named filamentous phages. For some bacterial species such as V. cholerae, infection by these phages can convert the bacterium to a pathogen.

In this project, we aim identify the determinants of phage-host specificity and to identify the sequence of molecular events involved during phage transport across the periplasm. The expected results will shed new light on the mechanism of phage-dependent pathogenic conversion in bacteria, and open new perspectives in the engineering of hybrid phages designed to deliver molecules of interest in bacteria.


Past Members / Alumni

  • Roland Lloubès – Former team leader (DR, CNRS Emeritat)
Technical Staff
  • Pauline BACCELLI (ITA, 2019-2021)
  • Bastien SERRANNO (Engineer, 2015-2017)
  • Hervé CELIA (Engineer CNRS, 2008-2018), now at NIDDK, NIH (USA)
  • Marthe GAVIOLI (TCE, retired in 2010)
Ph.D students
  • Mélissa PETITI (2015-2018) – Assemblage et dynamique in vivo du système Tol-Pal
  • Xiang ZHANG (2007-2010) – Organisation fonctionnelle d’un moteur moléculaire Tol et d’une protéine active contre une toxine bactérienne
  • Nadir SEDDIKI (codirection Dr Susan Buchanan, NIH, Bethesda) (2007-2010) – Import of macromolecules: Structural studies of the pesticin toxin and of an engineered variant
  • Aurélie Barnéoud-Arnoulet (2007-2010)- Mécanismes d’importation des collicines: détournement des fonctions physiologiques des protéines FtsH et FkpA
  • Emilie GOEMAERE (2004-2008) – Le complexe membranaire Tol d’E.coli: un modèle pour l’étude de l’organisation fonctionnelle d’un moteur moléculaire bacterien
  • Stephanie POMMIER (2002-2005) – Le système Tol-Pal d’E. coli
  • Laetitia HOUOT (2010-2012)
  • Xiang ZHANG (2011)
Master 2
  • Callypso PELLEGRI (2021) – Analyse fonctionnelle du système Tol-Pal au cours de l’infection par les phages filamenteux.
  • Ambre MOREAU (2020) – Mécanisme moléculaire d’infection par les phages filamenteux: réseau d’interactions protéiques mis en jeu.
  • Melvin RENAULT (2019) – Etude de la localisation des moteurs Tol et Ton et de l’interchangeabilité des moteurs chez E. coli.
  • Poutoum SAMIRE (2018) – Importance du moteur énergisé TolQRA et de la flexibilité de TolA dans l’import des phages filamenteux.
  • Nicolas GOMEZ (2016) – Analyse fonctionnelle du système Tol-Pal en fonction de l’état redox de TolA
  • Laura FRADALE (2015) – Analyse transcriptionnelle et fonctionnelle du système Tol-Pal chez Vibrio cholera
  • Melissa PETITI (2014) – Etude du système Tol-Pal par mutagénèse dirigée et double hybride bactérien
  • Perinne VAN OVERTVELT (2011)
  • Xiang ZHANG (2007)
  • Aurélie BARNEOUD-ARNOULET (2007)
Master 1
  • Lara PELZER (2022)
  • Rachida SMIMIH (2022)
  • Megan CHARLES-ALFRED (2019)
  • Emeline LEMARIE (2019)
  • Melvin RENAULT (2018)
  • Poutoum SAMIRE (2017)
  • Raphaël RACHEDI (2017)
  • Pauline BACCELLI (2014)
  • Marie DESCAMPS (2014)
  • Alexandra LIPSKI (2006)
  • Alice OLIVIER, L2 (2022)
  • Elsa PONCET, L3 Lyon (2022)
  • Léonie DELEUIL, BUT Toulon (2022)
  • Maxime RACCHINI, L2 (2022)
  • Maximilien ROUZAUD, L3 (2022)
  • Lola JUDOR, L2 (2022)
  • Garance CHABANNES (UE Labo in vivo, L2, 2012)
  • Chaima BOUDI, BTS (2022)
  • Jennifer GONCALVES DA SILVA (UE Labo in vivo, L2, 2019)
  • Myriam BOUSSOUFA (UE Labo in vivo, L2, 2019)
  • Defne AKSOY (UE Labo in vivo, L2, 2019)
  • Celia JONAS (UE Labo in vivo, L2, 2019)
  • Victoria SGOLUPPI, L3 (2018)
  • Faniry RABOANARIVOLA, L3 (2017)
  • Jad MOUALLEM, UE Labo in vivo L1 (2017)
  • Megan CHARLES-ALFRED, L3 (2017)
  • Ahmed NASRAOUI, UE Labo in vivo L1 (2016)
  • Clara FERNANDEZ, L2 (2016)
  • Laura BASSET, ESIL-Polytech (2015)
  • Marie-Sarah ROUVIERE, UE Labo in vivo L1 (2015)
  • Axel DEJARDIN, BTS (2014, 2015)
  • Lia FRIEIER, ERASMUS L3 (2013)
  • Audrey FAVARO, ESIL-Polytech (2012)
  • Clement NOEL, ESIL-Polytech (2012)
  • Stéphanie ROLLERO, ESIL-Polytech (2010)
  • Sarah DOCHE, ESIL-Polytech (2009)
  • Nathalie MIARD, INSA Toulouse (2007)
  • Patrick ROCKENFELLER, ERASMUS (2005)


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